Lithium Stocks – Note to Self (Buy Fear and NOT Greed)


You know the deal, “buy low and sell high.

Easier said than done, I know…

So, I like to remind myself, like pretty much all the time…

At the time of writing, Nemaska Lithium (NMX.TO/NMKEF) is trading at C$0.69/share, down -31% since some recent financings took placed at C$1.00/share.

The other lithium developer I’m actively monitoring right now is Lithium Americas (LAC.TO/LAC), now trading at C$4.71/share, down over -10% today!

The pain in the Canadian lithium space continues, and it’s getting very very interesting.

Can you believe NMX.TO is down -70.4% year-to-date?

LAC.TO is holding up a bit better (relatively speaking), but that’s not saying much… down a hefty -57.8% this year.


I have no idea how to time markets and don’t much like “catching falling knives”, so the only strategy that I really know how to employ for myself is to “average in SLOWLY, nibbling in tranches.”


Low can indeed keep going lower and lower…


Do your own research and due diligence before buying.


I was a seller of lithium stocks earlier this year in January when everything was a CAT 5 BRIMMER… In hindsight, I wish I sold everything then…


Because this sector is just beyond volatile and booms and busts seem to occur like clockwork every single year.


Happy Hunting!


Photo Credit: Free Digital Photos

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2 years ago

We always want to but when there’s bad in the streets, but when the time actually happens it’s not that easy.

Will take a nibbl when my 401k rollovers finalizes.

Keep fighting!

2 years ago

I noticed BGS is getting crushed this week as well. It may be time to back up the truck sooner rather than later if this slide continues…

2 years ago

Hi Jay, Great to see that you are back with content regularly!!
Always enjoyed your reshuffling the deck posts. Especially at current would be interesting to see what you are trading.
You don´t do these anymore?
Also I saw that you are not open books on your portfolio anymore. Whats the reason for that? Jealous ppl getting at you?!
Best of luck to you,

2 years ago

You may want to take a listen to the last part of this with john Meyer mining analyst. Stating how desperate the Chinese are for lithium right now. They are desperate just to get ore shipped over to China from Africa.