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February 2015


So, it looks like I’m going to be closing out the week with yet another stock purchase after all. I put in a limit order to purchase some more shares of Gilead Sciences (GILD), unsure whether or not it would actually get filled…

Earlier this morning, I got notice that [continue reading…]


Eating Organic is Expensive (Day 35)!


In my quest to better my health, I’ve had to make a few lifestyle changes. Outside of: reducing stress, sleeping earlier, getting more sleep, regular fresh air and exercise, the one thing I’ve been concentrating the most on is [continue reading…]

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 8.51.25 PM

Ok, I think it’s safe to say that Wall Street isn’t a fan of Alibaba (BABA) right now. It doesn’t seem like many investors want to touch this stock either, but for some reason or another, I keep finding myself drawn in to [continue reading…]


My Portfolio: I Hope This Works Fund (2015)

I’m investing in individual stocks again, and I have my reasons why I am doing so. Over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve been doing some research to try and figure out not only which stocks I want to buy, but to also determine how I want [continue reading…]


Ask the Readers: Which House Would You Buy?


In the last post, I touched on my personal residence conundrum. Although I’m currently on a leave of absence from work right now, I do plan on returning back once my health recovers.

Assuming I do, I should easily be able to qualify for a [continue reading…]