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October 2015


As a motivated buyer, you’ve got to love down days like today. I used the big drop to add to my positions. I’ve been making a lot of purchases as of late, but I don’t anticipate this surge of activity to continue for much longer. Actually, as we head towards the end of the year, my main focus will again shift back towards building up my cash positions.

I gotta say, I’m thankful for my income and passive income streams (from all 8 rental properties), which are making all of this speculation possible. I realize that I’ve [continue reading…]


Mining All-Star Lineup: My $100,000 Lottery Ticket(s)

house - 1

Ever played the lottery and had high hopes of winning it big? I’ll confess, I have… More so when I was a little kid, but even most recently (September 2013), I’ll admit to having purchased a few lottery tickets. In fact, at my old company, we used to pool funds together and play semi-regularly. I can’t say I ever had much success with it, though, perhaps winning $20 was the highlight of my gambles…

But even today, the thought  [continue reading…]


What can I say? These days, I’ve got gold on my mind… But it’s not that I’ve been seduced by the intoxicatingly beautiful yellow metal (although I will confess that physical gold bullion is quite alluring to marvel at). No, rather, my fascination with gold quite literally [continue reading…]


I have spent very little time covering my side hustle properties on this blog… Since my investment partners and I won both Rental Property SH #1 and Rental Property SH #2 last year, I have basically stopped talking about them completely.

It may then come as no surprise for readers to learn then, that for the most part, my [continue reading…]


I’ve made a few new transactions over these past few months, so I thought I would give readers an update on the overall status of my portfolio.

For starters, I’m still holding majority cash, as I continue to make a conscious effort to boost up the reserves as much as I possibly can on any given month. In my mind, I still believe that [continue reading…]