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March 2012

Goals for 2012

It may seem a bit odd to be setting goals 3 months into the year (isn’t this usually done before New Year’s?), but after looking at my portfolio, I decided now was as good a time as any. Plus, putting together a plan on paper (this website) will give me [continue reading…]


Stock Investing Terms for Beginners

So, you are a new investor and have finally decided to get your feet wet and buy some stock! You fire up Google Finance (Google Finance) to do some research and search for your favorite company, let’s say Coca-Cola. You find the corresponding stock symbol (KO) and get the price quote. Next thing you know, you are staring at a screen [continue reading…]


In Part 1 of the Core Fundamentals series (What’s Your Motivation?), we addressed the importance of motivation, which serves as the catalyst needed to help us achieve our goals. Before developing a road map on how to get from [continue reading…]


Portfolio Update: New Addition (CSX)

A recent addition to the portfolio comes with the purchase of CSX Corporation (CSX). The company provides rail-based transportation services and operates primarily out of [continue reading…]

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As a beginner investor, and recent convert into the “Financial Independence Early Retirement” camp, I thought it would be prudent to establish some Core Fundamentals to follow. The journey to the finish line is [continue reading…]