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Cobalt – Showing Signs of Life (April 16, 2019)

Around this time last year, the price of cobalt was just about done peaking, hitting a high of not quite $50/lb (~$100,000/t), but you can be damn sure there were a lot of bulls still taking on that side of the trade, expecting the rip-roaring rollercoaster ride up to keep on climbing.

Well, as is usually the case with the market, it will then decide to do something entirely [continue reading…]


The last year and a quarter (or so) have been absolutely horrendous for clean energy enthusiasts who are dabbling in stocks related to the raw materials (metals) needed for constructing lithium-ion batteries.

Even the popular [continue reading…]


Cobalt Blues (What a TrainREKT)…

A most humbling year, 2018 was for many sectors… Outside of cryptocurrencies, perhaps no other sector got trainREKT as bad as cobalt…

2018 started off auspiciously enough with the “key ingredient” found in [continue reading…]


It’s been a very tough year in the world of mining stocks. As someone who has followed the sector actively since summer of 2015, I guess you can say that I’m really not all that surprised, on the whole…

Cycles and waves.

It always comes back to that…

It’s just so crazy, because no one out there has a [continue reading…]


Speculation isn’t easy at all… In order to make big gains, you have to be positioned early into a story, be right on the underlying future direction of your bet, and you’ve got to have enough conviction to “buy right and sit tight.

It can be a rollercoaster ride much of the time, and since nobody has a crystal ball, there’s no way to know when the next wave up (or down) will occur…

If you’re lucky, your speculation thesis can [continue reading…]

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