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May 2017

The GDXJ massacre has been a few months in the making and the pain continues… Actually, the bleeding probably won’t stop until sometime after June 17 when the index rebalancing is (finally) implemented.

I like to buy despair, so it’s probably not surprising to readers at [continue reading…]


Investing – Can’t Win Em All

When it comes to investing, everyone knows that they should invest without emotion… but over time, I think we all quickly learn that to actually do that in real-life is a near impossible task. I have no problem admitting that my emotions have gotten the better of me on many occasions, and I have no doubts that they will cause me to make even more bad decisions in the future… We are all [continue reading…]


Contrary to popular belief, when it comes to investing it is entirely possible to be simultaneously BOTH a bull and a bear… As I wrote about in the last few posts, I’m quite  [continue reading…]

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Cryptocurrencies – The Wave of the Future!

I just got back from dinner with some friends… and guess what we talked about the entire night? Yup, that’s right… cryptocurrencies! Bitcoin, Ethereum, alternative currencies, blockchain technology, etc. were the topics [continue reading…]


Cryptocurrencies – Initial Thoughts

This is my first post regarding cryptocurrencies, and as usual (not surprisingly, I guess), I’m a little late to the party… As readers may be well aware, the world for alternative currencies is quickly gaining traction, and the performance gains of many of these “coins” has been [continue reading…]