Shout out to my NorCal homegirl Sharon for doing something ONLY 1 in 1,000,000 people out there even have the audacity to daydream about doing. Sharon most recently QUIT her day job so that she can pursue a life really worth living. Sharon, I’m rooting for you every step of the way! You’ve already motivated and inspired me so much on my own journey… Now go out there and accomplish some AMAZING things!!!


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In June of 2015, I bought a one-way ticket to Stockholm for May 30, 2016. I remember that day vividly. I spent the entire

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Real Estate for the Win!

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Real estate has been extremely kind to me. In fact, the majority of my overall portfolio’s long-term “Buy and Hold” investments are comprised of rental properties. And although I’ve only been playing the game since 2012, a lot has happened since!

At this time, I would like to welcome JP for a guest post today on his own real estate experience!

I have been marching to the beat of a different drum since I was a kid. All the while listening to what the most financially successful people in my life have to say.

I had three people tell me about retirement savings and compounding interest from age 18 to 21. Two too many. When you see the numbers add up like that using a future value calculator it shouldn’t take much convincing. When I was 22, I graduated college and started

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Turnkey Experiences: The Good, Bad and Ugly

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I purchased my first turnkey property in 2013… Time flies! Since then, turnkeys have gained even more popularity, and many investors (especially out-of-state) utilize this method to invest in real estate.

At this time, I would like to welcome Alex from Cash flow Diaries for a guest post today on his own rental property experience!

Turnkey rental Investing!  It can be such a sweet and bitter process.  Turnkey rentals have been a hot topic of debate for many years now and to some including myself and the FI Fighter himself, it’s a great way of generating passive income and building a real estate portfolio.  For others, it’s a scary, daunting endeavor and a risky investment.

There are many sources out there that explain to you how

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My Rental House Dilemma


I got started in real estate investing back in summer of 2012. Since that time, there have been many highs and lows, which have been documented on this blog. But that’s just one person’s perspective… and there are millions of other stories out there.

At this time, I would like to welcome Jon from Money Smart Guides for a guest post today on his own rental property experience!

Growing up, I knew that one of the keys to wealth was through investing. As a result of this, I began to invest in the stock market before I was 18 years old. Since I couldn’t invest directly because of

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