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May 2014

Thanks Boston! (May 28, 2014)


I leave for NYC after breakfast this morning, but gotta say I had a blast in Boston. I got to see a lot of the sights and sounds, and basically had a delicious lobster roll and clam chowder at every meal. šŸ™‚ Can’t wait to get to [continue reading…]


How I Got Started in Real Estate Investing

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I got started in real estate investing back in summer of 2012. It really wasn’t that long ago, but a lot sure has happened since then! Join me as IĀ reminisceĀ back to the very beginning of my real estate journey. Many thanks to Brent at Vosa for giving me the chance to share my story.

When I first got started on the journey to early financial independence in the beginning of 2012, I was purely a dividend growth investor. At the time, investing in [continue reading…]


Going to Boston and New York City (May 24, 2014)


The exciting times have started to arrive. Later on today, I will be heading off to the airport to fly out to Boston! As someone who has never ventured off to the East Coast before, I’m amped up and looking forward to this next adventure. I’m pretty burned out right now so this R&R time is very much needed. I’ll be lounging in Boston until [continue reading…]


In a previous article,Ā I talked about ways a real estate investor can mitigate risk in a rising market. One of theĀ options I touched on was to invest in a better cash flow market. For many investors, unfortunately, focusing onĀ better returns means having to leave the [continue reading…]

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The journey to early financial independence involves unifying a lot of different pieces. For most people, it isn’t enough to just make a lot of money. To get to early FI, you also need to work onĀ saving your money… At some point, you’ll also need toĀ figure out how [continue reading…]