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March 2014

Looking into Texas: Turnkey Update (March 31, 2014)


Last month, I mentioned that I might possibly start looking into turnkey rental properties in Texas. In particular, I was thinking about making a trip out to Dallas/Houston/Memphis to meet with some turnkey companies to learn more about [continue reading…]


Performance Reviews for 2013 are now DONE and in the books! At my company, it’s customary to spend a week on reviews where your boss will sit down with you for a nice 1-1 chat. I work in a pretty small group, so it’s [continue reading…]


Cash Flow: How Passive Are Your Investments?


In order to reach early financial independence, you will either need a ton of cash, or enough passive income coming in each month to cover your expenses. If you weren’t fortunate enough to start your own thriving business, or join a start up [continue reading…]


Why I’m Not Afraid of Failing


This is Year 3 on my journey to early financial independence. I officially started in January 2012, beginning that year earning exactly $0/month in passive income. I first conducted research on early FI in November 2011, and initially thought that the entire plan would take about 10 years from Inception to Finale. My original early retirement date from the cubicle life was slated for [continue reading…]

pink jeep tour free travel

On my current journey to early financial independence, a lot of people (skeptics) will mistakenly assume that the destination is the “end of the road”. That is, once you get there you will be bored out of your mind trying to figure out what to do with all that free time. In fact, it’ll be so uninteresting that it probably won’t be long before you start itching to go back to the corporate workplace…

I would argue that if a person is able to get to early FI well before the traditional retirement age of 65, that it’s only the beginning of a new (better) future. If you get there early enough, the sun will be [continue reading…]