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November 2012

Fuel Gauge: A Simple Way to Time the Market

If you are anything like me, then you get anxious waiting for the moment until the next paycheck arrives in the checking account. If you are even more like me, then you get even more excited afterwards because [continue reading…]


When is Enough…Enough?

Money is the ultimate driving force in life. It makes the world go round and round. Everyone wants it. Everyone needs it. And the drive to obtain more can get someone to do just about anything. Friends, family, and even [continue reading…]


Following the most recent financial debt crisis of 2008-2009, I am guessing that most investors are still somewhat leery when it comes to the idea of investing in financial institutions. Many shareholders were burned during the collapse, watching so many companies: crumble, declare bankruptcies, slash dividends, and see their shares nose dive in value. After watching and observing from afar these past few years, it seems like [continue reading…]


Real Estate Investing Terms for Beginners

When getting started with any new job, hobby, sport, investment, etc., there are always new terminology and acronyms we must learn. This is no different when it comes to real estate investing. And although the final [continue reading…]


My Frugal Thanksgiving

Work Cafeteria

Thanksgiving is a joyous occasion. It marks the start of the holiday season when friends and family gather around the table to enjoy more than [continue reading…]