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June 2015

Turnkey Experiences: The Good, Bad and Ugly

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I purchased my first turnkey property in 2013… Time flies! Since then, turnkeys have gained even more popularity, and many investors (especially out-of-state) utilize this method to invest in real estate.

At this time, I would like to welcome Alex from Cash flow Diaries for a guest post today on his own rental property experience!

Turnkey rental Investing!  It can be such a sweet and bitter process.  Turnkey rentals have been a hot topic of debate for many years now and to some including myself and the FI Fighter himself, it’s a great way of generating passive income and building a real estate portfolio.  For others, it’s a scary, daunting endeavor and a risky investment.

There are many sources out there that explain to you how [continue reading…]


May 2015 Net Worth Update

We are now almost half way through 2015, and so far, it’s been mostly “slow and steady” as it pertains to overall portfolio growth. It does seem like the great bull run from 2009-present has mostly topped out, and any further gains from this point on are mostly incremental.

Nevertheless, we are going to keep at it, and as long as we [continue reading…]