Lithium Bloodbath – Nemaska Lithium and Lithium Americas (July 27, 2018)


The death spiral and pain just keeps on coming for Nemaska Lithium (NMX.TO/NMKEF) and Lithium Americas (LAC.TO/LAC)…

These aren’t dogshit prospectors who don’t have a prayer of ever finding any lithium, let alone making it to commercial production, that we are dealing with here…

No, arguably two of the “best in the business”, most proven lithium developers (backed by industry leaders) are being laid to waste…

The year-to-date (ytd) chart is just straight up NASTY!

  • Lithium Americas is down -52.7%, ytd.
  • Nemaska Lithium is down -68.9%, ytd.


My oh my…


I’m not sure who’s pulling the strings here, but yes please, I’ll gladly take more smackdowns like this.


Happy Hunting!


Photo Credit: Free Digital Photos

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2 years ago

I bought a small tranche NMX a couple of days ago at a buck less than I sold it for last year! Looking to buy more if the slide continues.

Sarah @ Sell Houses Dallas

That’s really interesting. These companies have really been on quite the slide. If they continue to drop there might be a buying opportunity. Are you cost averaging down or waiting until it hits bottom?

2 years ago

Interesting to compare these one year charts with another Lithium exploration/discovery play that looks just the opposite. Check out PLU.V (PLUUF)–Plateau Energy Metals, Inc. That’s quite a story unfolding in Peru with some incredible purity that has ramifications for how cheap they will be able to produce it!