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June 2012

Just got word from my agent that the prior deal (the one that sold for $75k over listing) fell through. I didn’t receive all the details, but my initial guess is that the financing became a problem. This would seem likely if [continue reading…]

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A dividend paying stalwart was on sale recently and I used this opportunity to add more shares to my portfolio. Procter and Gamble (PG) revised forecasts for this quarter that were below previous projections. As a result, the stock tumbled [continue reading…]


Silicon Valley Housing Prices

Some of the more recent entries I’ve posted have been about real estate investing. More specifically, I’ve been sharing updates on my search to locate a rental property. In my last post, I mentioned that there was one additional open-house I would be attending. I took a look Sunday morning, and as it turns out, this property ended up being [continue reading…]


Comments: Back Online!

Hi everyone, I just realized today that the comments section on the blog was not working… doh! I recently upgraded the site to the Thesis theme, so am still trying to work out the kinks. For anyone who tried to post a comment and was denied, I sincerely apologize! Things should be working better now. Hope you all like the new look as well. Cheers!


Visual Progress: The First 5 Years (23-27)

I thought it would be helpful and fun to include a visual to chart my progress towards early financial independence. This illustration highlights the first five years of my professional career. It includes details of the different income streams and debt that I have taken on. The items that are crossed off are the ones that are no longer affecting me anymore. As previously stated, the goal remains to [continue reading…]