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April 2016


Although the bulk of my focus has been on water fasting these last two weeks, I did make some time to refine my portfolio a bit. Actually, I’ve made a whole bunch of moves lately, but rather than get into all the details at this time, I will instead provide readers with a snapshot of where my portfolio currently stands. Anyone who has  [continue reading…]


Water Fasting: Day 10 (April 25, 2016)

We are now on Day 10 of water fasting. Just as I expected, starting around Day 7 or Day 8, I started observing some rather significant changes… During the first week, I did have some difficulties battling hunger pains, but those have now more or less subsided. Blemishes are now more pronounced and [continue reading…]


Rise of the Silver Surfer (April 19, 2016)


Silver is up 4.85% this morning… If this comes as a surprise to you, it shouldn’t… Over the last few months, it was CLEARLY evident that the silver stocks were telling us something was brewing behind the scenes. To me, it made absolutely no sense why the stocks had multiplied by 2x or 3x, while the physical metal was languishing at around $15-16/oz.

Well, silver finally broke out today… Gold moved higher as well, but just as everyone says, in an upmarket, silver will [continue reading…]


Lithium: I Missed This Gold Train


As an investor, I think that following emerging trends is absolutely essential for long-term success. In the past, I’ve always tried to do my best to stay ahead of the curve, but this time around, I missed something most obvious to everybody out there — The electric vehicle (EV) revolution.

Back in 2013, I bought up shares of Tesla Motors (TSLA) aggressively, and made a pretty [continue reading…]


Spring Cleaning – Water Fasting for Better Health

Post_Meal - 1

Out here in the Bay Area, it finally looks like the rainy season has come to an end… maybe… In any event, the weather is starting to warm up again and it’s feeling more and more like spring. With that said, I thought now would be as good at time as any to initiate some spring cleaning. No, not in the traditional sense, although I do have a ton of clutter that I need to sort out before I can check out of Silicon Valley for good and embark for Hong Kong, the site of the next chapter of this journey…

But before we can get from Point A to Point B, I first need to “fix” myself. So, starting today, I’m going to [continue reading…]