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February 2018

Manila – Three Months Later (March 1, 2018)

In today’s society (the age of information overload), it’s all too easy to rely on becoming a consumer of consensus datapoints as opposed to embracing a Life of Doing.

As it pertains to Manila and the Philippines, I have heard [continue reading…]


Mining Stocks – When You Feel Good, Sell (Something)

Mining stocks are an extremely volatile asset class where the odds of any investor getting into a story, experiencing impressive gains, only to then take a round trip back to break-even… and finally into NEGATIVE territory are actually quite high (sadly)… In fact, that dreaded rollercoaster ride where you see all your once “hefty” profits in any single position later eviscerated into NOTHING is something that I’ve experienced more often than I’d like to admit…

Yes, it’s impossible to ever [continue reading…]


The Wacky World of Cryptos – ICO Thoughts (Updated)

In the wacky world of cryptocurrencies, as soon as I hit the ‘publish’ button on any article, I can pretty much rest assured knowing that whatever thoughts that I have at that moment will be relegated to obsolete immediately after.

That’s just the way the game goes in Cryptoverse… We are operating in a sector that [continue reading…]


Thank You Edition #3 Released!

Thank You Edition #3 has just been released to subscribers this morning. If you have made donations to this blog and did not receive [continue reading…]


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