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FI Thoughts

Recently, I got a chance to sync up and re-connect with a good buddy of mine, a guy I’ve known since way back in the day, when I was still picking fruit at the ol Fruit Company located in Cupertino. Suffice it to say, a lot of things have changed since our first encounter, but no different [continue reading…]


For long-term readers of this blog, you guys know my history/track record and probably recall many years back when I was aggressively buying rental properties, striving so hard for early FI. At the time, it made more sense for me to NOT live in those units, though, because the numbers [continue reading…]


The Importance of Home

To be honest, when I closed my last real estate deal way back in 2015 (wow, time flies so freekin fast!), I really had some passing thoughts at the time that I might be done buying…

For good…

I mean, I knew I was planning on walking away from [continue reading…]


Early FI – 3 Years Later (And No Regrets)

It’s been about 3 years since I said, “Screw this shit, no mas” to the corporate workplace. Yup, there’s been plenty of ups and downs from that point up to now, but all things considered, I can say quite [continue reading…]


Chasing Experiences (Not Money)

Although there are many things that brought me out to the Philippines (for starters, I have a strong preference/affinity to being around warm weather), one thing that I was hoping to be [continue reading…]