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Blog Update

A Friendly Reminder…

I understand very well that when you’re writing about and covering different investments/speculations, it’s all too easy to let our [continue reading…]


Back to Writing (April 10, 2019)…

I hope readers are enjoying the renovation pics/updates, and I’ll try to keep firing away with them as additional progress is made over the next week or so. With that said, outside of having to fly back to California real soon, I would say I’m more or less “well situated” enough that I can finally get back to writing now.

Though I’m not entirely sure how much [continue reading…]


We Have Liftoff, I Mean Internet (April 9, 2019)

In the Philippines, there are typically 3 key items that will drive a person crazy (if you’re missing any one of them); they are as follows:

  • Lack of water (Metro Manila ran into this serious problem most recently, as water service was cut off in a few select locations, due to the main supply dams running out of ummmmmm water).
  • Lack of air conditioning (which is why taking care of this critically important item ranked at/near the top of my list upon closing and taking possession of the keys to my new personal residence).
  • Lack of internet (see below)…

As readers may be aware, one of the potential [continue reading…]


Mobile Support (Finally… Sorta)!

This blog is so contrarian, it doesn’t even have a title (i.e. FI Fighter – The Path to Early Financial Independence) anymore… No really, check for yourself, I’m not kidding, it’s not there… Now, I mean it would be great if you can locate it (please tell me if you do!), but I’ve been having issues trying to find it all day…

But anyway, title or no title, more importantly, after procrastinating for a good 5-6 years, I believe that this blog is finally a lot more mobile-friendly… At least, more so than ever before, previously…


Looks half-decent, yeah?

Please say so, please!


I don’t know jack diddily about web design or any of that stuff, but I sorta/kinda/maybe got an update to my theme to work, which should be a marked improvement over what I was previously using…

In time, yes, most definitely, I need a total overhaul and re-design of this blog to bring it into the modern era of blog pages…

Until then, well, so be it, whoever is still reading this blog is already super contrarian, anyway, so who really cares if there is no title, right?


Content rules all!


At least, umm, that’s what I’ll keep telling myself until I can sync up with a legit web designer and rescue this blog outta the dinosaur age.






P.S. but yeah, if anyone knows how to bring the title back, feel free to leave a comment below. Much appreciated!


New Content… Please

As long-term readers are well aware, 2018 was a very tumultuous year for me. The year got started off awesome enough, with many of my mining stocks hitting historic highs and yours truly watching their portfolio eclipse $1 million in profits. Unfortunately, all that good news and euphoria was very short lived…

Like is usually the case when it comes to life, it’ll throw you a few curveballs when you least expect (want) them…

For myself, unfortunately, I spent a better part of the first half of 2018 [continue reading…]