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October 2017

FI Fighter – Mining Stocks Recap (October 27, 2017)

Topics of discussion for the week ending in October 27, 2017:

Garibaldi Resources, NexGen Energy, AVZ Minerals, Erdene Resources, Almaden Minerals, Balmoral Resources, GoldQuest Mining, Alpha and Beta Plays.

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Here’s an update on my latest trades for the week [continue reading…]


Gold and silver stocks are out of favor and back in the toilet again! Well, maybe not the entire sector, but in the world of mining stocks, almost nobody is a fan of advanced stage developers right now…

Can it get any more boring?

The trend ain’t [continue reading…]


What a weird year in mining stocks it’s turning out to be… In 2017, it’s all about early stage exploration baby! And if you’ve got some lithium and cobalt sprinkled in, hey, that’s working out very nicely for you too! Deep value gold plays on the other hand? Not so well, unfortunately…

It’s the year of [continue reading…]


When I first started out with real estate investing in 2012, it was during the depths of the bear market (post subprime financial crisis) when investors were still scared shitless and sitting on the fence (for the most part). Naturally, when people are too afraid to buy and there are tons of: foreclosures, short-sales, REOs, etc. it just makes for a very favorable buyer’s market where you can score even the best merchandise for pennies [continue reading…]