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February 2016


Anyone who has followed this blog for awhile now knows that I don’t like to get caught up with calling absolute market tops and bottoms. I’ve argued that as investors, we should always be cognizant of where we roughly are in a cycle, but there’s absolutely no way for anyone to know definitively.

So, when assets are cheap, I go into full throttle hyper-accumulation mode. When the merchandise is overpriced, I simply leave it on the store shelf… So far in life, this strategy has served me well.

As it pertains to precious metals, well, I’ve been [continue reading…]


Great Quotes for Uncertain Times (February 21, 2016)


2016 has gotten off to a rocky start, to say the least. The stock markets around the globe are routinely swinging in the triple digits (both directions) on any given day… Overall market volatility is off the charts, which is why I am extremely hesitant to get back into the investing game right now.

As it pertains to long-term investing, the most popular approach will always be “buy and hold forever“; I prefer that method very much myself.

However, I am a patient guy and [continue reading…]


Precious Metals: The Final Tranche (February 10, 2016)


What a wild week in the markets! I didn’t get a chance to update during the week, but here’s a recap of everything that’s happened.

First off, as I mentioned previously, my investing days are just about over… I’ve worked really hard over the last 6 months or so to best position my [continue reading…]


Early FI: An Alternative to the Marathon Approach


Everyone likes to say that the path to early FI is a lot like running a marathon… You know — Long, boring, arduous, and challenging. To succeed, you’ve got to have a lot of: persistence, determination, resolve, dedication, etc. etc…

As the mainstream media likes to tell us — You can’t time [continue reading…]


Real Estate Investing: Why I’m Not Selling

Super_Bowl - 1

The most frequent question that I get from readers since I converted over to the “doom and gloom” camp is this: “Why don’t you sell one of your Bay Area rental properties if you think the markets will crash?

There’s no doubt that I think we are due for an upcoming market crash/correction…

But the order of magnitude?

I have no earthly idea…

The reason I’ve [continue reading…]