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April 2015

time - 1

Almost every investor out there, novice or seasoned, will claim that they are a value-oriented investor; I am not one of those people. I don’t make investments with the objective of buying at bargain basement discounts and paying less than retail price. My main focus is on [continue reading…]



It’s been a good week so far. For starters, the weather is warming up and it’s definitely feeling more like summer than spring out here in the Bay Area. I have a local REI meet up scheduled for later today, so I’m definitely looking forward to [continue reading…]


Finding Inner Peace…


You could say that I have a restless mind. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a person about accomplishing goals and tackling on the next challenges in life. If you rewind the tape, this is something that I’ve been doing since probably the beginning [continue reading…]

Drain - 1

There are many ways to look at life — Some people prefer to look at things through a “glass is half full” lens, while others will only scrutinize on why something won’t ever work. You have your look-on-the-brightside optimists, and your eternal pessimists… When it comes to [continue reading…]


Do You Desire Freedom or the Pursuit of Freedom?


I had lunch with a good buddy today. Now that I’m on a leave of absence, I’ll admit that I’ve gotten into too much of a groove of doing things solo again; I’ve resorted back to my introverted tendencies, which is something I don’t necessarily want to indulge in. Being around [continue reading…]