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May 2015

Moving On…

Although I find the topic of Fear and Greed most fascinating, I believe that it’s just about time to move on. For one, I’m tired of talking about it, and two, I’m guessing you’re even more tired reading about it! 😉

So, this post will simply be a recap of everything that I’ve published over the last few weeks…

As always, I’ve never claimed to have any of the right answers. I can’t say that I know what will happen in the future, and I certainly can’t make claims that I know what I am [continue reading…]


It feels like 2007 all over again. Everywhere I look, I see euphoria in the air. There are probably more investors entering the fray now than perhaps ever before. The real estate market (at least locally in the Bay Area) is booming, and stocks have never been higher… When the markets [continue reading…]


Overheated Markets (I’m Confused)

Bay_Area - 1

Regardless of whether you invest in real estate or the stock market, I think we can all agree that this much is clear — This bull run has persisted for some time now (6+ years), and the overall markets are overheated. And although that much is certain, I’m finding the thought processes and strategies used between real estate investors and [continue reading…]


Dividend Growth Trading

Stock_Exchange - 1

There are many ways to make money investing. When it comes to investing in the stock market, one of the most popular and attractive strategies to utilize is the Buy and Hold approach. For those on the journey to early financial independence, passive [continue reading…]


Why Cash Is King


There’s a common belief out there that cash on hand is money wasting away. The argument is that because interest rates are at historic lows, keeping money in the bank is a fruitless endeavor towards building wealth. In fact, not only is your cash sitting stagnant, but at worst, it’s losing [continue reading…]