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August 2016


These days, the most common question I get asked from readers and friends is this — “Is now a good time to add shares of gold/silver mining stocks?

Obviously, I have no crystal ball, so my guess is as good as yours… With that said, in general, my own preference is to buy merchandise after it has [continue reading…]

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Mining stocks are extremely volatile… They spike up and down routinely, sharply in both directions. For investors to take full advantage of any opportunities, the best thing to do is to buy up the best companies (assets) during the Depths of Despair.

Money is made in the macro, but to pinpoint [continue reading…]


Market Timing – Waiting for That Fat Pitch

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Market timing. It gets such a bad rap… If your experience with investing has been anything remotely similar to mine, I’m sure that you’ll recall the moment when you first stumbled upon the concept of Buy and Hold Forever Investing. Whether through the channels of Dividend Growth Investing (DGI), Index Investing, or even Real Estate Investing (REI), the popular mantra out there (for the longest time) has been that market timing is a fool’s game, and that the only way to really [continue reading…]


Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails from concerned investors who are discouraged by the recent price action of basically every lithium stock that they own… As I mentioned in the last post, just a few short months ago, lithium was being touted as the “next big thing”, or “white gold”, or “white petroleum”. Short-term sentiment reached a fever pitch back in May, when everyone [continue reading…]


Lithium – A Most Hated Sector (August 16, 2016)

Model 3

Just a few short months ago, lithium stocks were the toast of the town. Coinciding nicely with the Tesla Model 3 unveiling, many of these junior companies saw their share prices going absolutely hyperbolic… and life was good! For many investors who got in early, life was real good…

For the late-comers (like myself), I entered the game well after the bulk of the early gains had been extracted. Well, “late” in the sense that I started investing in [continue reading…]