Time Away From the Markets (Enjoying the Summer)

For the most part, it’s been a pretty horrendous year speculating in mining stocks… Many commodities and their corresponding shares are just devastated right now…

  • Gold sucks.
  • Silver sucks.
  • Copper sucks.
  • Cobalt sucks.
  • Lithium sucks.
  • Etc.

I guess uranium has kind of been the “outlier”, holding up a bit better than the rest…

But hey, it is what it is… and you can’t expect to score 100-500% gains all the time… year after year…

I feel fortunate to have been lucky with my timing, liquidating a big chunk of my miners earlier this year in January when the markets were indeed frothy and most everyone felt like a genius.

Always gotta sell something during the good times b/c mining stocks are just so volatile, unreliable, and prone to disappoint you massively over the long run…

Buy low and sell high.

Otherwise, your odds of succeeding diminish tremendously…

Anyway, these summer months have been especially lackluster and tough, so over the last week or so, I’ve decided to just step away from the markets and focus on other things… like living life.

My awesome 10 year old second cousin? (niece sounds better) and her mom are in town vacationing this week in Silicon Valley… So, I’ve decided to tag along and play the role of “tour guide.”

We’ve been hanging out at some local arcades… playing games and earning tickets.

And having a Star Wars marathon at night w/ popcorn, sodas, etc…

Spent an entire day at Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Life’s too short and investing/speculating oftentimes take up way too much of our time/focus/energy…

So yeah, I’ve been doing my best to just take a step back during these summer months and just chill out a bit…

I mean, it almost becomes necessary when the markets are just pure garbage… like right now…

But I’ll be back, most definitely, and hopefully when I do, the markets will decide to wake up too!

These miners have been decimated as of late, and hey, as a buyer, what more could you ask for?

For many of these stocks, they are trading at 52 week lows and setting new lows each subsequent day.


Sign of the times…


I know, I know… For many folks, being in the DEEP RED is no fun at all, and I’m sure super frustrating…


But that’s just how the game goes a lot of the times…


Just gotta roll with the punches… and make sure to still find a way to embrace and enjoy life.


Happy Hunting!

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2 years ago

Sometimes it’s good to just step away from the grind and take some time off to recharge and meditate. Let me know if you make it down to Australia brotha.