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Early FI – There Are No Rules!


I’ve been blogging now for over 4 years, and anyone who has followed along for awhile now knows full well that I don’t very much like to follow any set rules… For instance, when we first got the party started, I was extremely [continue reading…]


My Real Kobe Beef Experience


I’m back in Hong Kong, after spending about a month in Japan! All in all, it was a wonderful experience and the type of post FI memories created are ones that I will cherish for a lifetime. Over the course of about 30 days, I ended up [continue reading…]


One Month In Japan


As we enter the fall season, you could say that investing and the markets are on my mind a lot… No doubt, I’m expecting a lot of volatility between now and the end of the year…

With that said, I should also be grounded enough to realize that when it [continue reading…]


And Now I’m In Tokyo (September 03, 2016)

japan - 1

One of the joys of being in early FI is getting to do basically whatever it is that you want to do. Most recently, my brother, Living Proof and I decided it was a good time to wander around in Tokyo… So, we booked some tickets and flew out to Tokyo. Kind of on a whim, if you will…

But what’s wrong with that?

My brother also most recently retired from his corporate engineering gig (he’s also now in early FI), and had just finished his travel journeys out in the Philippines; we decided to rendezvous in Tokyo (along with our mom since it’s been her dream for the longest time to explore Tokyo) for more adventures.

We all arrived in Shinjuku on September 03. Since then, I’ve been [continue reading…]


Part 4: Japan Trip Report (August 17-19, 2014)


This is Part 4 of my Japan Trip report. For more details, please refer to the preceding sections of the  [continue reading…]