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Portfolio Update: Reshuffling the Deck (November 17, 2017)

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Here’s an update on my latest trades for the week ending on November 17, 2017.

  • Bought 500 shares of Novo Resources (NVO.V) @ C$7.35/share  
  • Bought 1,000 shares of Novo Resources (NVO.V) @ C$7.25/share 

Novo Resources

With tax-loss selling heating up, I had a tough decision to make this week — Do I hunt for more deep value plays, or do I swing for the fences looking for a monster home run? Typically, I think I would elect to go with the former, but this time around I got sucked into the Novo Resources (NVO.V/NSRPF) hype and went with the latter…

I added shares of NVO.V… and now we await the assay results (which should be back in early/mid January 2018 and will likely move the share price materially, one way or another)…

This was not an easy decision to make by any means… but objectively speaking, I felt like I already did own quite a bit of beta stocks in the portfolio, so I could justify to take some more risks with an alpha stock such as Novo here… We’ll see how that works out, but in any case, it’s never easy for me to sidestep loading up on more deep value stocks that are just absolutely hated by the market right now…

Nonetheless, capital is limited, so we’ve just got to do our best to try and balance everything out…


I added more shares of Novo Resources this week, across two tranches… The first order was only a partial fill, so I reloaded again the following day.

Here’s where things stand now…


Until next time…


Fight On!

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  • JohnNo Gravatar November 18, 2017, 1:15 pm

    Can’t believe I loaded up more Novo than you haha. Guess if it is on Canadian exchanges I keep making online trades when at work 😛

    • FI FighterNo Gravatar November 26, 2017, 1:11 pm


      Best of luck!


  • AnkitNo Gravatar November 24, 2017, 7:39 pm

    Added more Novo today,

    • FI FighterNo Gravatar November 26, 2017, 1:11 pm

      Thanks for sharing the link Ankit!

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