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Keep Fighting for Your Dreams!

Life isn’t easy and the path to early FI can be most challenging, especially during the early days, shortly after we have that startling realization that there ought to be (a lot) more to life than just grinding it out at work every single day…

As someone who did NOT come from wealth, was told they were a total [continue reading…]


Bali Optimism – The Path Moving Forward

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time reflecting, and one thing that I’ve realized is the importance of attitude. For someone like myself who has more or less existed in a state of “I have to live/plan/operate under the premise of taking care of tomorrow first and foremost” for the longest time now, one observation that I’m keenly aware of is just how difficult it can be to [continue reading…]

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The Right Attitude is Everything

We are a byproduct and manifestation of those we surround ourselves with. Life is way too short, so get rid of the toxicity, and align yourself with good people who will help you become the best version of yourself possible.

Not just in your own personal life, but in your [continue reading…]

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Inspiring Stories (From Around the Globe)

I’ve been in essence somewhat of a hybrid “digital nomad” for a good 3 years now… and naturally, through the course of my travels, I’ve encountered many interesting people, who have even more AMAZING stories of their own.

Granted, many of these “real life tales” will never see the [continue reading…]


Work Ethic

One observation that I’ve made while traveling all over the globe is that no matter where you venture, you’re going to be able to locate very good people and make friends… if you choose to do so. Furthermore, I’m somewhat blown away by the work ethic and drive that so many people out there possess, folks who are [continue reading…]