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Clean Energy

This feels like 2006/2007 to me… Everywhere you look, ain’t nobody really got a smartphone (electric vehicle)… Sure, your [continue reading…]


Conviction Ideas – Critical Elements (CRE.V/CRECF)


When it comes to lithium stocks, I really only have two ideas that I like in the space right now. The first, I have discussed on this blog extensively, both here and here. But when it comes to my second favorite lithium stock pick, I have only [continue reading…]


Lithium – A Most Hated Sector (August 16, 2016)

Model 3

Just a few short months ago, lithium stocks were the toast of the town. Coinciding nicely with the Tesla Model 3 unveiling, many of these junior companies saw their share prices going absolutely hyperbolic… and life was good! For many investors who got in early, life was real good…

For the late-comers (like myself), I entered the game well after the bulk of the early gains had been extracted. Well, “late” in the sense that I started investing in [continue reading…]


Just a small update today in the renewable energy world. Last night, I caught hold of this [continue reading…]


Disruptive Technology – Always Underestimated


Disruptive technology… Nobody can ever really comprehend or anticipate the type of profound impact it will have on society until it has already come and gone… It is only with the benefit of hindsight can we look back and say, “Well, damn… wasn’t that the most obvious and predictable thing… ever.

The Internet.

The Smartphone.

Clean Energy.

The first two have already happened (each gaining mass adoption in no more than a decade), and [continue reading…]