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Family First (July 17, 2019)

A lot has been going on, behind the scenes… It’s summer, which is usually more “chill” if you will, but I’ve been busy trying to [continue reading…]


Life is Short (And Precious)

Well, 49 days of prayers are now over and done with… It’s never easy [continue reading…]

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Just Keep Writing (May 18, 2019)

I’m back in California now (nope, that’s Bali above you’re looking at there, where I was doing a lot of writing earlier this year, so the picture is most fitting if the topic is gonna be about writing, writing, writing) and this past week back home hasn’t been all that fun at all — Lots of gray skies and rain.

Now, as someone who kind of figured out for themselves (due to health reasons) that they really need to be in a [continue reading…]


Well, it’s been exactly two weeks since I’ve been back in California now… And as I have alluded to in [continue reading…]


California Dreaming (May 1, 2019)

Life has its ups and down, and things tend to ebb and flow, constantly. Yup, I’m back in California right now, and so far it’s been a rather [continue reading…]

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