BGC: New Construction Update (February 2020)

BGC: New Construction Update (February 2020)

I’m back from Vietnam! What an awesome trip that was (and I have a lot more to say), but for now, let’s get back in the swing of things with a new BGC construction update for February 2020.

While walking through the neighborhood, I realized that a new Watsons store was open, and lo and behold, this also meant that the doors to the “still in construction” Big Apple Mall were also accessible to the public.

Big Apple Mall

I went inside for the first time ever, today.

BGC new construction February 2020; inside the new mall

This is not necessarily a ginormous mall by any means, but it was still cool to check out, since I haven’t really ever had too many opportunities in the past to wander/explore a mall that was still very much in the development phase.

And plenty dark too.

Still, the general outline/foundation is well-established at this stage of the game, though.

The escalators are in place too!

So fresh and so clean…

Further, I live only about 5 minutes away, so the added convenience of having even more shops readily available at my fingertips is exciting, no doubt.

Again, it’s a small mall.

Outside Progress

Here’s the view from the outside.

BGC new construction February 2020; outside Big Apple Mall

Trabaho, trabaho, trabaho!

And the progress made to date on the associated residential towers; the first two are done (or mostly done) now.

Central Park West and Madison Park West; February 2020 update

The other two towers (4 in total) still have a ways to go…

Times Square West and Park Avenue; February 2020 update

Real estate is all about: location, location, location

Yup, I’ve still got a lot to say about Vietnam (particularly Ho Chi Minh City), but all things considered, I’m really glad to be back in BGC, again.

BGC is really something special and it’s gonna only get better moving forward from here.

I’ll have more new construction updates ready for you later this month, or early next month. For now, this is the latest BGC new construction update for February 2020.


Keep up the fight!

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