Spending More Time With Loved Ones

Spending More Time With Loved Ones

Early FI is all about spending more time with loved ones. At least, for a lot of people (such as myself), that’s a prime motivator that we keep in the back of our mind that helps us get through the grind of a workday/workweek/workyear. Of course, it’s one of those things that’s easier said than done, because to actually commit to doing it, well, that takes a lot of concentrated effort.

Life just happens, and lots of stuff tends to (usually) get in the way:

  • Work
  • More work
  • Investing
  • Speculating
  • TV
  • etc.

In the past, I’ve most definitely been guilty of neglecting friends/family too often, getting way too caught up in my own little world.

Early FI or no early FI, I’ve failed numerous times.

Back in Vietnam

Most recently, though, for whatever the reason, my family decided it was due time we made a return trip back to Vietnam (the Motherland), again.

I can’t believe it’s been ~3 years since I was last in Nam

Time flies.


So it really didn’t take long for me to agree to the suggestion. As I previously mentioned, I was very much looking forward to enjoying some of my favorite local dishes, to complement (of course) spending more quality time with some familiar faces.

Vietnam is most definitely known for their abundance of delicious pho restaurants, so here’s a pic for you…

spending time with loved ones; eating pho

But again, it was the local faces and the homemade dishes (cold and hot brews; ca phe sua da and ca phe sua nong) that have been the highlights of my most recent trip.

spending more time with loved ones; homemade ca phe

I arrived back in Ho Chi Minh City just prior to Chinese New Year…

And got to see all the festivities leading up to the new year…

Recent Headlines

Further, this was all before some of the craziness/insanity of 2020 ensued…

Most notably:

However, I did book my flights during the midst of the Taal Volcano eruption:

So damn, the whole concept of spending more time with loved ones is now hitting home and resonating more loudly than perhaps ever before with me. Yes, I know this type of post can easily get lost in the mix, since when it comes to the early FI journey, most of our focus is centered around investing/speculating/saving $$$ like 99.999% of the time.

But I’ll say this — Whether you’re on the path to early FI full-steam ahead, or already living out your dreams, just never take the people most important to you for granted!

Tomorrow is NOT guaranteed to anyone.

You can ALWAYS try pushing out shit to do for tomorrow, but just know, tomorrow may not ever come.

Really, fudge I know, trying to focus on making more $$$ is ALWAYS gonna have it’s allure/appeal/luster, but it’s NOT everything!

It’s all about trying to live a balanced life… and having no regrets.

Vietnam Travel Pics

This time around, I’ve already been back in Asia for ~4 months, and although I haven’t done/accomplished many of the things that I originally set out (wanted) to do right from the jump, absolutely, spending more time with loved ones is something that I’m proud to say I have done.

spending more time with loved ones; lunar new year countdown
New Year’s Eve Countdown in HCMC!

Having the opportunity to explore some beautiful sights is a wonderful gift…

Vung Tau coffee
Chilling at a cafe in Vung Tau

But being able to share the experiences/adventures with those that matter the most to you…


Just like whoever is reading this, like you, I’m no different.

I want to make more $$$.

I want to take the right actions today to setup a better future tomorrow.

Most importantly, I want to spend more time with loved ones because life is entirely too short and tomorrow cannot be counted on.

Popular tourist attractions can be most fun…

Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon
Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon

However, at the end of the day, as boring as it may seem (or it is to read in a blog post), it’s really the “mundane” stuff that matters most of all.

spending more time with family
Family time!

It’s all about the people.


I’m so grateful and thankful for these past few years.


The opportunities that have been afforded to me to be able to immerse myself fully among family/friends.


Stuff that will never show up on a “net worth tracker” or “cash flow statement”, is what I’m most happy (proud) about.


On the journey to early FI, never forget that; people is what early FI is truly all about.


Keep up the fight!

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