Thank You Edition #10: In Progress Now

Thank You Edition #10: In Progress Now

It’s been a long while since the last update, but Thank You Newsletter #10 is now in the works, since a lot has been going on… and I’m really past due for an update.

In the world of precious metals, gold has been doing phenomenally well over the last year, although silver has struggled mightily (time after time, again and again) to break through $18/oz.


As I’ve mentioned in the past, until silver can decisively break through $20/oz, I’m just NOT gonna get all that excited.

Interestingly enough, gold’s stellar performance has been occurring under the backdrop of general equities continuing to break record highs and looking more bullish than ever before (which is really saying something; this is indeed the bull market in stawks that just never wants to end, apparently!).

In regards to individual mining stocks, well, this time around, it feels absolutely nothing like early 2016 when everything was off and skyrocketing to da moon.

Nope, this time around, it’s indeed very much a stockpicker’s market!

In the next episode, I’ll be sharing my general thoughts on everything that’s going on, particularly with mining stocks, per usual.

These days, I’m trading far less actively than at any point over these past 4-5 years, but no doubt, I still like to follow things quite closely.

And I’ll never stop rooting for the lil guy/girl to succeed in reaching their goals/dreams/ambitions and pursuit of early FI.


Anyway, I hope to get this next edition, Thank You Newsletter #10, out sometime in the next week or so.


I sincerely hope the markets have been kind to you!


Keep up the fight!

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8 months ago

Jay, I hope you are doing well and enjoying life outside of blogging. You make great content whether it is about geo-arbitrage living or investing. I’m looking forward to the next update. I’m excited to hear about the gold/silver miners that you are following and also curious about what you think of the lithium market in 2020.

7 months ago

Long time reader first time poster. Just donated given how much I enjoy your blog. Keep it up! Also, excited to receive the thank you letter for the first time