Happy New Year 2020!

Happy New Year 2020!

Happy New Year 2020!

As we enter a fresh new decade, I think the beginning of the year is both a fantastic time for some reflection, and even more importantly, the opportunity for us to put together a plan in place to help us achieve our future goals.

Honest Reflection

In terms of “reflections”, I really get inspired/motivated/pumped up when I see stuff like the following posted from other early FI Fighters, such as my buddy SpeculationInsights:

Happy New Year 2020 reflections
Speculation Insights


It’s so important we are open and *RAW* with ourselves, straight up.


Not saying everyone has to post things on a public forum (although I do commend the ones who do, that takes guts), but you can’t grow/improve/get better as a person if you aren’t willing to look at yourself in the mirror…


Oh, and I absolutely love this part, of course:


“Working for an early ass retirement”


The Pursuit of Greatness

The journey is far more important than the final destination; simply put, the pursuit of early FI will take you further (and surpass) anything and everything you could ever experience post-FI.

And I’m saying that as someone who has been living the dream since 2016.

By no means am I trying to talk down everything that I’ve seen and done since I made the bold move to go down the road less travelled, but I’m also cognizant enough to realize that the life that I have today was all made possible way back in the day when I declared to myself (and the world) that I was gonna pursue early FI guns blazing.


I became devoted to saving $$$.

And then investing.

And then speculating.


Somehow, someway, the net worth + cash flow began to multiply, and I ended up further up the mountaintop than I had ever dreamed possible.

How does that ol’ saying go, again?

Happy New Year 2020 Quote

As I learned from personal experience, don’t ever sell yourself short, because you just never know what you’re capable of achieving…

Now that it’s a new year, what better time is there to get re-motivated than right now?

Family First

For myself personally, I focused much of 2019 on spending more time with family

Football on a Monday morning!?!

The moments that make you feel so alive…

Happy New Year 2020 priceless memories
49ers clinching #1 seed and beating the Seahawks to win the division!

Spending (much) more time with the people who matter most to me…

Happy New Year 2020 priceless memories 2

Trying to stay “forever young”…

Happy New Year 2020 priceless memories 3

Starting life over again, in a new country…

Happy New Year 2020 priceless memories 4

You get the idea.

No regrets.


Although I would argue that the memories I created in 2019 will be forever dear to me (and priceless), deep down, I also know that I haven’t yet accomplished all the things that I want to in this life…

Pushing Ahead

Yes, it’s true that I still suffer from health issues (most notably bouts of adrenal fatigue/chronic fatigue), which can really set me back at times, but nevertheless, we’ve all only got one life to live, so it’s important we find ways to overcome our limitations and keep progressing in the right direction.

Definitely, for 2020, I would like to blog more consistently and produce better content for readers.


Happy New Year 2020!


I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors (endeavours). May you continue to CRUSH all obstacles and achieve extraordinary things!


Let’s make 2020 a most AMAZING year!


Keep up the fight!

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9 months ago

Keep on trucking brah