Just Keep Writing (May 18, 2019)

I’m back in California now (nope, that’s Bali above you’re looking at there, where I was doing a lot of writing earlier this year, so the picture is most fitting if the topic is gonna be about writing, writing, writing) and this past week back home hasn’t been all that fun at all — Lots of gray skies and rain.

Now, as someone who kind of figured out for themselves (due to health reasons) that they really need to be in a much warmer climate to function properly, you can say that after spending 7 months overseas in Manila/Bali, yeah, it’s been a bit tough getting re-acclimated once again to the cold.

Anyway, some life-changing events have taken place this year (well last year too), and I’ve had to re-assess many things… Like, what I want out of life and I guess importantly, what I have to do to get there.

Of course, ideally, I’d be able to write to you all from Baboy Inc. (aka FI Fighter Studios)… My other home in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Manila.

Unfortunately, that’s just not possible at this time, and most likely I’ll be sticking around in California until September/October.

But you know what, that’s just life and you have to deal with it. Very seldom are things gonna be absolutely on point for us, with ducks perfectly lined up in a row.

So, I’m just trying to make the most of the current situation and importantly get back to writing a bit.

This past week, I published a few new articles on Seeking Alpha:

Moving forward I’d like to hopefully be able to continue doing so to not only build a larger followers base, but to also give back to the community/readers by sharing any thoughts that I may have in regards to speculation in the mining sector.

Again, I’m currently somewhat at a crossroads right now and must decide how I want to spend my time, moving forward.

Just some random thoughts — As much as I have a passion and interest in stuff like speculation, deep down, there’s also always been this burning desire to try and grow this blog (FI Fighter brand) and to step back a bit and re-focus on early FI itself.


Take a broader, more general view towards early FI.


Reach more people.

Help more people.

Inspire more people.


Now, this doesn’t mean I have to give up on talking about stuff like speculation (an extremely niche subsector of early FI, that just NOT that many people are really all that into); Early FI and speculation may work in reality, but the perception is that the two are like oil and water and don’t mix at all.

With that said, as long-time readers have probably observed by now, I’m no longer getting into every last trade that I make, updating my portfolio in real-time, and pretty much diving head first into all the details/nuisances involved (way too stressful and I think I already proved my point, many times over).

No doubt, most likely, I will lose some followers/readers who may have stumbled here on this blog looking specifically for that type of content. But again, things don’t have to be totally binary, and that’s kind of why I’ve setup the Thank You Newsletters (which give my most opinionated takes on stuff going on in the mining world), which I will try and be more consistent with, ideally being able to send out a new edition once a month.

Yes, this blog is many parts random, but so is life itself, and up to now, I hope readers have enjoyed tagging along and sharing all the: good, bad, ugly that I’ve had to go though on my own journey towards early FI.

This is some raw stuff, but since inception, I’ve done my best to tell it like it is; I won’t always get everything right, but that’s why you’ve got to live and learn.

Speaking of “live and learn”, wow, there’s just been so much stuff I’ve picked up over the years… and so it goes back full circle to once again, what I want out of life. Currently, to be perfectly honest, I just don’t know if my mind and emotional state are in the right place to be able to vehemently tackle on putting pen to paper everything I’ve learned…


Documenting everything and writing ebooks.


Not yet…


It’s a MASSIVE task and I need to be in the right state of mind to make it all happen to my standards.


At some point, I think it’s an absolute necessity for me to write ebooks (maybe even put together course material, lectures, etc.), because I would be remiss if I didn’t do my part to give back to the early FI community, and especially to all the long-term readers/followers of this site.


Education/knowledge is priceless.


Yes, I still have a massive lithium ebook that’s been drafted, and at some point that needs to get published too… Not trying to change the topic, but that specific topic is so fast-changing, it’s kind of tough trying to time a release date because a lot of information contained is liable to becoming obsolete in a hurry…


Anyway, there’s indeed a lot of: uncertainty, trepidation, fear, anxiety for the future…


I think we all go through that, at some point in our lives, and well, lo and behold, here I am, now.


But most certainly, after having gone through everything that’s gone on these last 2 years in particular, truly, I have a newfound appreciation and gratitude for life itself.


Everyone who has supported me through the ups and downs, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


One step at a time, and we will get there, the path to early FI and a better future.


Fight On!

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1 year ago

Wow you are back here for a long time after just purchasing your new home. Hope everything works out…

Dividend Diplomats
1 year ago

FI Fighter –

Looking forward to your new content and passion to inspire others.


1 year ago

Hope I can actually get a chance to meet you this time around if you’re going to be here until September/October.

Lots of exciting changes and seems like you’re enjoying yourself a bit more and less depressed than you had been.

1 year ago

Thank you for all your content! You put a lot of thought into your writing and it shows. You have definitely inspired me in my early FI journey. Whichever path you choose next I’m sure it will be interesting and provide a ton of value for the community.

At least you are back in the Bay Area for some really warm weather. It was over 100 in the East Bay today!