Passive Income Deferred (Interesting Times We Live In)

Having spent essentially an entire year out of the country, you’d be quite right in assuming that the thought of passive income crossed my mind on a regular basis.

Yes, even when I’m out here enjoying some continue reading at Steemit

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3 years ago

HI fifighter – so I’m going to be selling my primary residence very soon and expect I’ll be able to net around 35k once it closes. I really want to use that money to start investing in RE. I’ve thought about investing off and on for a few years – but at heart I’m a pessimist and a overthinker by training. So, I’ve always talked myself out of it. Reading this article – it seems you’re making the case that I should store that money away and (wait………..) until crisis in the market happens again. Would this be your advice… Read more »