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Real Estate Updates

BGC – Cost of Living Update (May 11, 2019)

So, I got my first water + electric bills for my personal residence in Bonifacio Global City (BGC)… Prior to that, [continue reading…]


Although I’m back in the Bay Area at the moment, there are still a few renovation updates going on at [continue reading…]


Well, just like I had anticipated, I won’t be getting a chance to start renovating the kitchen before my time in Manila is up; I’m now scheduled to head back to California and will be there before you know it. With that said, I continued to make incremental progress over at [continue reading…]

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Prior to December 2017, I had never been to Manila before in my life, and had no clue there was a carefully crafted “shiny bubble city” to be found within it. Shortly upon arrival, though, as if right from the start, I immediately fell in love with [continue reading…]


As I mentioned in previous posts, I might elect to save the kitchen remodel until later this year, possibly in the fall season, since I have plans to return to California soon. In any case, I allocated a portion of time over the last few days to [continue reading…]