Early FI – Reflections One Full Year Later (Part 1)

Just a little over one year ago, I quit my engineering job so that I could pursue a life unscripted. For months prior to letting the mic drop, I contemplated my options and worked on figuring out where I wanted the journey to take me next.

After much deliberation, I ultimately decided that I wanted to start the new chapter in Hong Kong; my grandparents hailed from Guangzhou but for the first 31 years of my life, the entire continent of Asia was more or less a foreign concept to me. Outside of a short trip to Tokyo and Bangkok in 2014, I had never continue reading at Steemit


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Tim Kim @ Tub of Cash
3 years ago

Wow what a view! I’d love to be seeing that upon waking up! Although what a night, getting locked in your own bathroom, on the first night! Jeez..

Oliver @ Appreneurinvestor.com

love hong kong. it’s all about the ying yang coffee milk teas with some toast and noodles in the morning at all the great hong kong cafes 🙂 visited twice last year. his up all the bib gourmand eats on the Michelin guide. cheap/amazing food. there’s so many in hong kong, i couldn’t get thru much. planning to go back soon!