Pho Ga Recipe

Summer is here and it’s finally NOT cold in the Bay Area… Still, after being away and overseas for 7 months, you could say I’ve been missing “home cooking”, so irregardless of the weather cooperating (or not), I’m in the mood for some HOT SOUP!

For starters, here’s what an order of pho might look like overseas… The following pic was taken at a

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Hecla Mining: Not A Deep Value Opportunity At This Time

With the spot price of gold still firmly entrenched below $1,300/oz (currently trading at $1,277/oz) and the spot price of silver still languishing below $15/oz (currently trading at $14.38/oz), it would seem to make logical sense why certain contrarian speculators might want to attempt some “bargain hunting” at this time, looking for beaten-up mining stocks.

Now, if we zoom out and look at the share price performance of various precious metals stocks continue reading at Seeking Alpha


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