BGC: New Construction Update (10/27/19)

BGC: New Construction Update (10/27/19)

It’s been awhile since I provided readers a new construction update on real estate projects located in Bonifacio Global City (BGC). At the heart of it all, though, I’ve been (and remain very much) a real estate guy. So, although it was of course lots of fun getting back into the swing of things out here in Manila, it didn’t long before my other instincts wanted to shift focus and observe how many real estate projects in BGC have progressed since I was last out here this past April.

For starters, let’s take a look at how Megaworld’s residential projects (condos) in Uptown have evolved…

Uptown Ritz and Park Suites

Funny enough, I took the following image way back in January 2018, for no reason at all, before I was even really into looking to purchase anything out here in Manila.

Megaworld new construction projects; Uptown Ritz and Park Suites. January 2018
Uptown Ritz (LHS), Park Suites Tower 1 (RHS); January 2018

And I continued taking shots when I came back to BGC in October 2018, at which point I decided that I would begin actively begin shopping for a unit; BGC became a strong conviction idea of mine in late 2018, if you’ll recall.

Megaworld new construction projects; Uptown Ritz and Park Suites. October 2018
Uptown Ritz (LHS), Park Suites Tower 1 (Center), Park Suites Tower 2 (RHS); October 2018

Finally, here we are now, and where things stand presently with the Park Suites project.

Uptown Ritz (LHS), Park Suites Tower 1 (Center), Park Suites Tower 2 (RHS); October 2019

And from the other side… Before and after…

Park Suites Tower 2 (LHS), Park Suites Tower 1 (RHS); October 2018

So much pretty glass, yah?

Park Suites Tower 2 (LHS), Park Suites Tower 1 (Center), Uptown Ritz (RHS); October 2019

The front… or is this the back of the building?

Park Suites Project; October 2019

Still a long ways to go to completion, it would appear…

Uptown Park Suites October 2019
From across the street; October 2019

Grand Hyatt South Tower Residences

Moving along, we have the Grand Hyatt South Tower Residences, which has bene rapidly ramping up construction this year.

April 2019

It’s almost covering up the Grand Hyatt Manila Hotel from this angle, now…

Grand Hyatt South Tower Residences construction update October 2019
The Grand Hyatt Manila Hotel now barely visible; October 2019
Moving on up; October 2019
View from the empty lot; October 2019

The Montane

One of Avida’s final residential projects in BGC, The Montane, has also progressed quite a bit since from the earlier part of this year…

April 2019

Check out the exterior and painting…

The Montane painted BGC October 2019
October 2019

Fully topped off now…

The Montane topped off, October 2019
Fully topped off; October 2019

Looking like it’s already ready for unveiling…

Still being covered up; October 2019

And just like that, a few days later (from the above image)…

The Montane opening up ground level BGC
Or not; October 2019

Nice white lights!

The Montane ground level in BGC
White lights; October 2019


And further, for this BGC new construction update, in Uptown, we have Avida’s final tower in BGC, Turf.

Turf Tower 1 (LHS), Turf Tower 2 (RHS); April 2019

Turf Tower 2 still isn’t topped off yet, but it’s getting there, slowly but surely…

Turf Towers in BGC as of October 2019
Turf Tower 1 (LHS), Turf Tower 2 (RHS); October 2019

The Uptown area is coming alive, and many projects which were once deemed “early stage” have now matured greatly, since I first started snapping up photos back in early 2018.

Mitsukoshi Mall (And The Seasons Residences)

Lastly, there’s Federal Land’s flagship (and super expensive) Mitsukoshi Mall (joint venture project) + The Seasons Residences, which were both only breaking ground about a year ago…

October 2018

Here’s what it looked like in April…

April 2019

Now, it looks like this!

October 2019

I personally can’t wait until the Mitsukoshi Mall is finished; it should really be a standout attraction in BGC!

More Updates

Now that I’m back in Manila, it’s going to be a lot easier for me to keep tabs on many of the new projects going on around in BGC.

Big Apple Mall in BGC, October 2019
Big Apple Mall; October 2019

Real estate isn’t for everyone, but whether we are talking about a personal residence or rental property, there’s something about houses that get a lot of folks (like me) excited and riled up. As it pertains to early FI, sometimes all it takes is just one property in the right location to make it all possible.

I hope you enjoyed these pics!

I’m looking forward to sharing some more BGC new construction update with you all, as the years go by!

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