Gold on the Verge of Breaking Out (June 19, 2019)

Gold is getting awfully close to knocking on the door of $1,400/oz. Today, after the Fed FOMC meeting, gold started it’s next leg up breaking through heavy resistance around ~$1,350/oz range… Surprisingly (or not), the yellow metal managed to rise up and above $1,380/oz (briefly), but has since lost some steam and is cooling off a bit…

We’ll see what tomorrow brings, but like I’ve been saying, anytime

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Pho Ga Recipe

Summer is here and it’s finally NOT cold in the Bay Area… Still, after being away and overseas for 7 months, you could say I’ve been missing “home cooking”, so irregardless of the weather cooperating (or not), I’m in the mood for some HOT SOUP!

For starters, here’s what an order of pho might look like overseas… The following pic was taken at a

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Lithium Update (June 13, 2019)

As it pertains to the lithium sector (and lithium stocks, in particular), it’s still a pretty listless market, on the whole…

From Bloomberg.

Most recently, I published an article on Seeking Alpha, which you can find here on Albemarle.

Although the above article is meant to cover an

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