Thank You Edition #8 – In Progress Now

Things are heating up in the precious metals space, so I think it’s time to get to work on the next Thank You Newsletter. Recently, I’ve had a lot to say about mining stocks, and for readers who want to keep up with my latest articles, you can check out my Seeking Alpha page.

With gold and silver, you just never really know when that “turning point” will be, but like I mentioned previously, anytime the spot price of gold is hovering around $1,350/oz, I start paying close attention… Silver still has a loooooong ways to go, but one of these days, (hopefully) we break through to new highs again… and it’s off to the races ala early 2016…

Anyway, I’m looking forward to sharing with readers some of the mining stocks I’m eyeing these days and my general strategy… Speculating is tough stuff and I frequently get things wrong, but it’s a really insane, volatile game… You don’t need to risk a lot of $ to make a lot of $$$, if/when things go right.

I’m NOT looking for “max leverage” either… There’s a refined trading/speculating style that I’m gravitating towards to these days, and what my buddy @Buy100ozSilver and I are terming Chicken Shit Speculating.


More details, in the next episode…


Stay tuned, and thanks as ALWAYS for all the continued support!


Fight On!

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