Kitchen Remodel Update (December 2, 2019)

Kitchen Remodel Update (December 2, 2019)

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since the last kitchen remodel update, and well, there’s been a lot going on, so now’s as good a time as any to share.

As you may be aware, since I’ve been back in Manila, a key focus has been to finish home renovations, which first began this past April (when I closed a deal and secured my very first personal residence).

Starting Point

Originally, I started out with this.

kitchen remodel starting point bare bones

And although I’ve had a good amount of fun (gradually) transforming the kitchen into this.

Clearly, more work was needed…

New Materials

Most recently, I (finally) took delivery of the new materials needed to move forward with the kitchen remodel update.

new materials have arrived; kitchen remodel update

Yup, as you can imagine, it’s made for some really cramped living, during this interim period, trying to house all this stuff inside a tiny studio unit.

new materials; kitchen remodel update

Nevertheless, I’m doing my best to enjoy the process!

Here’s a pic of the new countertop.

new countertop; kitchen remodel update

Oh, and after further contemplation, I decided to go with a “smaller” (length = 550 mm) SINGLE sink option.

new kitchen sink; kitchen remodel update

Ultimately, I ruled out going with a much larger SINGLE sink (or DUAL sinks) to try and better maximize my very limited countertop space.

The sink below was previously under consideration for purchase.

A large sink would have been nice, but I’m still getting a significant upgrade from the old sink (length = 480 mm).

No worries!

New Materials

Also, I’m very happy to report back that the electrical work (adding and re-wiring of outlets) has been completed.

Worth sharing with everyone, is that it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing throughout my own journey of home renovations out here in Manila…

For example, electrical wiring/re-wiring is a really “weird” thing in the Philippines…

There doesn’t seem to be a hard standard that people follow (most houses don’t even have earth ground, which kind of tells you a lot just right there)…

electrical outlets, mostly 2-prong in Manila, BGC
2-prong outlets galore!

Where’s the 3-prong outlets, yo!?!

Electrical outlets in Manila BGC
Some 3-prongs, FINALLY!

Further, I can’t find wire nuts (nobody here uses them!) at any brick and mortar shops (thankfully there’s Lazada to the rescue!)…

Also, screw terminals (the preferred and safer way to attach wires) are nowhere to be found on power outlets (back-stabbing seems to be the technique used here in the Philippines to attach wires)…

I’m so grateful my unit has earth GND (green wire) throughout, though!

Even locating proper wiring for delivering power (e.g., AWG 12 SOLID wire) will send you running around town to many different hardware stores trying to match wires (i.e., LINE, NEUTRAL, GND)…

Why can’t I find an earth GND wire anywhere… or AWG 12 SOLID in WHITE!?!

Oh, and speaking of color coding the wires (i.e., LINE = Black/Red, NEUTRAL = White, GND = Green/bare copper), yeah, that’s hit or miss too (I’ve heard it’s common for some houses to just use BLACK for EVERYTHING!!)…

Shocking, yah?

You just never know what you’re gonna get once you start peering behind the curtains…

But I digress…

Installation Progress

It’s “out with the old” today…

kitchen remodel update; removing old sink and old base cabinet

I’ll likely salvage the old materials, though, and give them away to someone.

kitchen remodel update; old sink and old base cabinet

Here’s the new base cabinet.

kitchen remodel update; new base cabinet

The team drilling holes to align for the piping.

kitchen remodel update; drilling new base cabinet

We’re getting there, folks!

kitchen remodel update; new wall cabinets

Yup, I made sure not to forget to supply the staff with some snacks and beverages, of course!

Just keep swimming…


Until next time…


Keep up the fight!

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9 months ago

It doesn’t look like I’ll be attending FinCon this year

Financial Freedom Countdown

I assume the electricians are not licensed either? Is it common for the high end condos not to have all the basic kitchen and wiring already installed before handing over the unit to the buyer?