Gold -$1,400/oz (FINALLY)!

Being a contrarian isn’t easy at all… but these are the moment’s that you hope and pray for…


Gold just broke through $1,400/oz… FINALLY!!!


Hold above that level, and it’s game on…


BRIM NATION let’s go!!!

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1 year ago

Good stuff Jay, always enjoy your writing and following your story.

I bought GDX and GDXJ in late 2017, only now in a small profit, most of my time of holding has been horribly in the red. Why are the ETFs lagging the gold price, they were significantly higher during the last gold peak in the summer of ’16?

1 year ago
Reply to  FI Fighter

Cheers Jay for your detailed reply.

Have to admit now i’m 10% up after being in the red so long, it’s tempting to bale. I’m keeping the faith though, let’s see where this takes us.

Pulling the cord at work is still looking good for me for Christmas. Final 6 months will be a struggle, hoping this rally will shorten that.

Keep up the good work Jay, your writing is a big help for morale / inspiration / ideas for us early FI seekers.

Cheers, Al