Adrenal Fatigue: My Uphill Battle to Recovery (Day 27)


I haven’t posted an update on my Adrenal Fatigue battle in a few weeks… I guess in part that’s due to the fact that I’ve been trying to tie up a few loose end items that were still lingering in the air. For starters, I was focused on closing Rental Property SH #3, and that barely made it to the finish line without incident. Next, there was the cash out refi on Rental Property #1, which was by no means a slam dunk with my recent leave of absence request. Luckily, that was funded last week, which provided a huge relief off of my shoulders. Lastly, I was dealing with the stress of getting medically approved by the insurance company to go on paid leave.

All in all, you could say those items were a detriment to my health, and just having to deal with those things when my focus should have been on rest and relaxation was draining. With those obstacles finally cleared, I can finally refocus on what really matters — healing.

Up to this point, I will confess and say that progress has not come as rapidly as I would have hoped for. Initially, I was beginning to feel a lot better, but I’ve sort of hit a plateau over the last few weeks. The body is still in disarray, and even though I’m no longer working the 9-5, I’m still fighting a battle with chronic fatigue. I’m always drained, and don’t really have the energy to do too much during the day. I try to focus my time and energy towards: going outside for fresh air and sunlight, exercise, meditation, happy thoughts, and I surround myself with positive people (this has by far the largest impact on my well-being).

It works to a degree… but it’s very slow improvement. I’ve fixed my diet, and although that seems to help a little, I know that I need some stronger reinforcements. Currently, I am seeing a holistic doctor who has put me on some supplements which I will begin taking next week. Right now, I’m still detoxifying my system, so I would rather not disrupt that process by introducing supplements prematurely. He has prescribed the following:

  • Probiotics first thing in the morning to repair gut and replenish the body with good bacteria.
  • Multi-vitamin specifically engineered for Adrenal Fatigue to be taken 3 times a day between meals.
  • Vitamin D (an additional 5000 IU + Vitamin K1 and K2) to be taken with breakfast.
  • Vitamin C effervescent powder (2.5 g) to mix in water to be taken between lunch and dinner.

That’s a start… But we won’t know more until my blood and saliva tests get returned back from the lab; I am still waiting for that. My doctor ordered an Adrenal Fatigue test to check for the specific hormones: cortisol, testosterone, DHEA, etc.

With the saliva test, you have to submit 4 saliva samples spread throughout the course of a day to track how cortisol levels fluctuate.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 9.40.26 AM

In addition, I am also checking free T3 and free T4 to see if I have a thyroid problem, which I suspect there to be. From speaking to my doctor, he made it clear that I most likely have a problem with both my adrenals and thyroid, which is usually a common finding for those with my type of symptoms (especially because of my susceptibility to cold weather).

The results will determine what needs to be added, in addition to the supplements above. This could very well mean herbal remedies, to glandulars, to even hormone replacement therapy… We shall see. Recovery time is estimated to be between 12-18 months. Knowing how screwed up my body is right now, that doesn’t sound all too long to me to get things right again…

So, while I’m waiting, all I can really do is stay the course and think positive. I’m doing everything that I possibly can to better my situation… I just have to keep the faith and remain optimistic that things will get better soon.

In the meantime, I should be able to RELAX more now that the aforementioned items have all been taken care of. Rental Property SH #3 has funded and closed, the cash out refi for Rental Property #1 has funded, and lastly, I was approved for paid medical leave by my insurance company.

When I first put in the request to go on a leave of absence, I accepted the fact that I would most likely have to go on unpaid leave. I had already clamped down on my spending and was prepared to dip into my emergency fund (if necessary) to get by in the short-term. With the approval, I will no longer have to do that. Further, with the cash out refi funds, money is just about the last thing I need to worry about right now…

And without money as a stressor, that ought to do wonders for my recovery! Again, I just have to stick to the plan and remain positive…



Things will get better. I know they will…

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5 years ago

Keep digging, you will find the cause soon; get well soon and keep us all posted.