Manila – Round 2 in BGC (September 28, 2018)

Greetings everyone! This is my first post since arriving back in Manila, and I’m pleased to say that I’m feeling energized and ready to start posting regularly again!

Although I was previously in Manila (Bonifacio Global City) earlier this year, I’ll admit it was pretty cool to return to the scene a few months later and notice that some things have changed (for the better)…

For example, this was NOT here last time around…

Intrigued, to say the least, I was…

Inside Rico’s Lechon… at 10 AM…

Breakfast… Yes, I have issues…

Spicy lechon… Cebu knows best.


As long-term readers of this blog are well aware, I’m kind of a speculator at heart, and I always like to pay attention to “hyper-growth” stories, whether it’s in regards to: real estate, mining stocks, general equities, etc.

Sure, although for the most part I’m really only here in Manila for lifestyle reasons (e.g. weather, cost of living, city life, friends/family, etc.), it really doesn’t hurt me to pay attention to the latest developments that are going on in the city…

Just earlier this morning, I made the trek to the Uptown area of BGC, and was really keen to see how far some of the development projects had progressed too…

In this part of town, next to the “centerpiece” Grand Hyatt, it’s pretty much non-stop construction, day and night, 24/7.

Ayala Land and their subsidiary Avida have a lot of projects here, and their “final tower”, Avida Towers Turf BGC, is slowly moving along…

So is this building next to Citi.

It’s gonna be really exciting times for the Uptown area when the Uptown Ritz by Megaworld gets completed, probably sometime late next year.

Uptown Ritz was a project I inquired into a bit last time I was in Manila…

From Megaworld back in January 2018.

From January 2018.

I recently checked in with a realtor, and to no surprise, all the pre-sale units are sold out and prices have climbed up noticeably from earlier this year…

From Megaworld September 2018.

Getting a 2 bedroom/2 bath apartment for ~$320,000 USD is a pipe dream now…




Oh, and let’s not forget, around 2021, The Icone Tower will be completed, which should only drive prices up even higher.

From Wikipedia.

From Arch Daily.

From Arch Daily.


Really, if I was a betting man (I am), of course I would prefer to speculate on the side of The Grand Hyatt and The Icone Tower as opposed to say Section 8 junk properties in South Chicago (what a tragic mistake that was on my part; I blame both being naive and dumb as fuck)…

With real estate, in my own humble opinion, we increase our odds for success substantially when we buy into properties strategically situated next to “status symbols” that are synonymous with wealth.

Call it the “wealth effect” if you want, but the above map will give you a good idea of why I want to own an apartment unit in Uptown.


Again, as speculators, when in doubt, follow the big $$$ and speculate in areas that are booming (or gonna boom big in the future) and are/will be highly coveted by everyone… Ideally, you wanna get in early before these properties become “unobtainable”.


Live and learn.


I can’t say I know what I’m doing or even have a concrete plan in place, but I do enjoy living in BGC, and probably wouldn’t mind living here long-term…

Although I just arrived on the scene, during my first two full days in BGC, I’ve already been to a handful of showings with different realtors, scoping out potential apartment units for purchase.

Oh, and here’s another important project that is on the cusp of finally being completed!

The Finance Centre by Daiichi Properties has come a long ways since I was last here in BGC!

From Daiichi Properties.

Well, it didn’t quite look like the picture above earlier this year, but you get the general idea, anyway…

From Daiichi Properties.

I’m currently staying right next door, at the Inifinity Condominium.

Again, as a speculator at heart, I can’t help but feel excited for all the progress going on in BGC… Granted, in this case, if I was really to make a move and pull the trigger to buy, it would be with the intentions of securing a long-term primary residence…

So, as everyone well knows, the rules of the game are entirely different when we are talking about trying to find a place to live in…

But in any event, all things being equal, of course my preference will ALWAYS be to speculate in areas that I believe exhibit “hyper-growth” potential.


And of course:


World Class Tier 1!


All day, everyday!


No room whatsoever for dogshit holdings like Shitcago rental properties in my portfolio… Never again!


In a separate post, I will share photos of some of the units I’ve been touring in Manila.


It’s good to be back…


Fight On!

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1 year ago

Can’t wait to see more posts about Manila and BGC in particular. I’m eyeing BGC as a future retirement place for us. We already bought a 2 bedroom condo unit at Serendra and just renting it out until we’re ready to retire in 5 years.