Back to Manila (September 24, 2018)!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates as of late, but I’ve been busy planning for my next trip. Although it may not come as a surprise to many, yup, I decided that although I’ve been really enjoying my stay in the Bay Area lately (I’ve been back since March), with the fall season fast approaching, it’s about time for me to hit the road again.


Manila… Again.

Haha, without getting into too many details, I have my reasons for wanting to go back, and even though I spent a decent amount of time there during my last trip (3 full months), I’m still really excited and very much looking forward to Round 2.

My flights leaves at midnight…

In regards to the Clean Tech eBook that I’ve been working on, I should have that ready for release sometime in October. Quite frankly, I’ve had to put progress on hold a bit this month since I’ve had to tie up some loose ends, and I really wanted to enjoy these last 2 weeks I had in town, spending quality time with friends/family.

But don’t worry, I’ve got a lot to say, and surprisingly (or not) certain sectors like lithium and cobalt have been rallying as of late, so who knows, maybe my intended plans for an October release will be “good timing”.


We’ll see…


Catch you all shortly from Asia!


Back on the same timezone as my mining mates from Oz (the epicenter of the clean tech metals boom).




Fight On!

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