Personal Residence #1 – Dreams Comes True

Well after much thought, deliberation, and talk, today marked the culmination of a lot of things when I finished signing all the requisite paperwork and was able to obtain the keys to my very first ever personal residence, located in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Metro Manila.

Yup, the Philippines, as it turns out, is the destination I’ll call “home” for the foreseeable future.

Moving forward, it’s abundantly clear to me that the future is very much unwritten and many different things could happen along the way on the journey known as life.

Just gotta keep finding ways to adjust, adapt, be happy, and carry on.

I mean, as readers well know by now, I’m NOT the type of guy who tries and pretends like they know what exactly will take place tomorrow (I have no clue at all!), and will freely admit that even though we do our best to try and plan as much as possible, some things, you just gotta try it (take that leap of faith) and see what happens (fate)!

Yes, I realize this most recent decision of mine is a rather BOLD move, but all the same, it’s also damn exciting, and hey, life is so short anyway…

If our experiences aren’t comprised of stuff that gets our hearts racing and makes us excited to wake up every single morning, then really, what are we all doing with our time, anyway?

When it comes to early FI, so much of it is: plan, plan, plan, plan some more, revise, plan x100 again.

Sometimes, I dunno, you just gotta go with your heart/guts/instincts/etc. and just take a chance on life, and whatever happens, happens.

Let the chips fall wherever they may!

Today, I’m very pleased to announce to everyone, my most recent dream of owning a personal residence in BGC came true today!

I’m in Uptown, within a 2 minute walk (at most) to the prestigious 5-star Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Yup, I’ll be surrounded and flanked by some of the most affluent folks in town, residing next door to projects (e.g. Grand Hyatt Residences) where individual condo units can sell for as much as $2 million USD (or more).

From Dot Property.

As I learned from experience, in real estate, it’s unquestionably (and most importantly) all about:


Location, Location, Location


Further, for the longest time now, I’ve preached on this blog the virtues/importance/strategy to focus my investing/speculating career on acquiring as many World Class Tier 1 Assets as possible.

Now, here’s my own attempt to put my money where my mouth is as I really truly do believe in my heart of hearts that owning property located inside of BGC absolutely does qualify and fits the description of being considered  World Class Tier 1 Assets.

We’ll see what happens in the future, but I must say, I’m really stoked and looking forward to endless possibilities.

Next, it’s time to go shopping for appliances/furniture/and more!


One goal accomplished, now it’s on to the next one…


Gotta stay hungry and continue working on figuring out new ways to make shit happen!


Fight On!

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1 year ago

Congrats Jay! Now I know who to visit when I’m in Philippines. 😉 🙂

Time to furnish the nice place. I’d love to see more pics!

1 year ago

Congrats Jay! Very happy for you!

1 year ago
Reply to  dutch

Hi Jay, I have been reading your blog for a couple of years now, but never commented before. But this move deserves to say: congratulations!!! Several of your blogposts are interesting to me because I have been many times to HK and several times to Manilla (and have travelled many times to Asia and even liver there once for a shortwhile). I even did some enquiries last year in Manilla to buy an appartement as an investment, but decided it is not for us as it is far away from Europe (and with wife and kids more a hassle etc).… Read more »

1 year ago

Congrats Jay. Thats great news and looks like you picked up a place in a good neighborhood.


Brent @ AAI
1 year ago

Congrats on buying a residence and settling down in a new location. My wife and I will be traveling with a few others to the Philipines in August for an Iron Man competition. I’ve never been but am looking forward to it. We’ll be in Cebu to start with. It’s looks like a beautiful country.

1 year ago

Way to go Jay! You worked your ass off to reach this milestone. Enjoy your new home in good health.

1 year ago

Congratulations! You have been working hard for this for a long time. I’m sure you have found a great place!

1 year ago

Hi Jay,

congrats on buying your property, it sure sounds like a really good deal you got yourself there (having lived in Vancouver for 6+ years, I know how crazy prices can go up). I’m not sure if the question has been asked before – I would assume to reside in the Philippines for months on end one would require some sort of legal status. If my memory serves me well, I believe that immigrations allows investors to get permanent residency for making a one-time payment. Was that your route into the country?

Cheers and take care,

1 year ago

Congratulations Jay!!! This is awesome and definitely need an applause for you to take a final plunge… I am sure it would go very well as expected and planned. Happy for you. I was away from your blog due to other commitments but now back and slowly catching up by reading where I left off (page 9). Couldn’t resist commenting on this one .. well deserving..Congrats again and enjoy your new abode!!