Manila – BGC Uptown House Hunting (October 5, 2018)

I’m really NOT trying to turn this blog into a “house hunting” type of deal here, but hey, what can I say, I’m on the search for a home, and well, it’s my main focus right now.

The property tours continued again today, and here’s some more pics for you all!

This time around, it was back to the Uptown area of Bonifacio Global City (BGC), which is ultimately where I want to anchor down (I think)…

Yes, there are a lot of Megaworld projects in Uptown, but currently only one “finished” project (just recently turned over so it’s essentially brand new construction) that is ready for occupancy, and that’s One Uptown Residence.

So, that’s what I wanted to check out…

But before we get to the pics, here’s a general overview of Megaworld projects located in Uptown on Megaworld Ave.

From Megaworld.

On with the show!

The building on the left is the focus of today’s episode…

Approaching the front lobby, which is actually located on the “backside”, on Bonifacio Drive (not Megaworld Ave).

Front lobby looked like most lobbies in BGC, so nothing too crazy going on here… Standard fare.

Higher ground looking down at the pool.

The hallways are nice and bright, which for me is a plus.

Into one of units we go! “Semi furnished” which was nice…

Decent amount of countertop space, if I do say so myself…

Electric stove, but enough room for 4 burners (which is not always the case in these apartment units)…

Dining table.

Basic living room setup here.

Not a huge fan of the sink…

Much better spacing than the Park West unit I toured last time around…

Nice and bright! Lots of light gets through and I like the floors too…

Facing Uptown Mall… Not the greatest view, and I would prefer to be on the other side, away from the super busy (and noisy) Megaworld Ave.

Second bedroom.

Utility/Maid’s Room.

And that’s pretty much it for this 2 bedroom unit…

As for price?

Not cheap.

We’re talking about ~270,000 pesos/sq meter. So, for 68 sq meters, we have the following…

About $333,000 USD.

But no denying, this location is World Class Tier 1 (for Manila/Philippines).


Main drawbacks?

  • No master bathroom.
  • No balcony.
  • Facing Uptown Mall and Megaworld Ave.
  • Not cheap.


Overall, I’ll say I was impressed with this unit and One Uptown Residence. Although One Uptown Residence is generally considered the “lowest tier” of Megaworld’s Uptown projects, it’s still way better than a lot of other stuff out there… I mean, I realize the buildings near Burgos Circle are pretty old and outdated, but if One Uptown Residence was located out in those parts, it would probably rank on par, or just slightly below 8 Forbestown Road.

But, unfortunately for me, prices in Uptown have skyrocketed and since many units in this building have now been turned over, it’s “ready for occupancy”, so yeah, good luck trying to land a “killer deal”.

With demand being pretty robust as well, buying at a great price just doesn’t seem very realistic…

All in all, I was definitely glad I got a chance to check out One Uptown Residence, but the search continues on…


Without giving away too much, too soon, just yet… I will conclude with this bold statement:


I may have located something even better (and cheaper)…


Stay tuned!

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1 year ago

Hey I really enjoying following your house hunting! Keep posting more!
1. Just wondering what is the price for the house you toured in Manila??
2. How do you introduce what you do when you meet new people? I have this question because I’m also considering early retirement to asia (i’m from asia anyway), but I don’t know how I’m going to introduce myself when people ask ‘what do you do?’ If i say I’m retired and don’t need to work, they’ll think i’m weirdo or crazy or can’t relate with me.

1 year ago

Hi Jay,

The roomy hallways, tile flooring, and bathroom really caught my eye. I couldn’t tell how wide the entrance was to the bathroom. Was it about standard size? Is that a roll-in shower, too? I’m always on the lookout for wheelchair accessible housing or vacation spots because my wife uses a power wheelchair.

Good luck and happy house hunting…