Thank You Edition #9 – In Progress Now

Gold and silver are going gangbusters, lately… Peep this…

In the last Thank You Newsletter #8 Work In Progress Update, we had the following (from June 15)…

How bout dem apples?!?

Do you remember this?

Here’s what has transpired since (from June 19 to now)…

You win some, you lose some (or not gain as much)… Diversification is key, as ALWAYS!

Some more names…

Here’s what has transpired since (from June 19 to now)…

Not too bad, not too bad (doing even better than the previous batch of names, over the same timeframe)…

I wasn’t astute enough to call/predict some of the following (check out these 1 month performance gains, below)…

New Gold (NGD) for the most EPIC win, lately!


But it’s still super early days (hopefully) for gold and silver miners…


Will do my best to finish up this latest update (Thank You Newsletter #9) before the end of the month… We’ll see how it goes b/c I’ve got some other stuff in the works, as well…


Getting this next newsletter out to you all right before August should coincide nicely with the next FOMC meeting… Things are sure getting interesting in the precious metals sector, so let’s see what happens next.


Let’s go!!!

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Nick B
Nick B
1 year ago

Great timing. Even Ray Dalio is now promoting gold. He believes a paradigm shift is near at hand. Doesnt hurt to have someone with his track record in gold’s corner.

Schilly Construction Inc

Wow, look at that Gold go!