Thank You Edition #3 – Delay In Release

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to leave a quick note here on what I’m up to these days… Currently, I’m working on writing up a “Getting Started in Cryptos” tutorial guide, basically how to setup an account on exchanges, and going over the basics…

For the most part, I’ve been spending the last month getting up to speed on Cryptoverse and learning the ropes on how Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) work… It’s been a bit of a learning curve… I’m slowly but surely figuring things out…

I realize that I’m a little late on releasing the latest newsletter, Thank You Edition #3, so please bear with me as I look to get that out to you before the end of the month… In the next issue, I will be going over some of the ICOs that I’m getting into and the ones that I’m watching (the next wave to hit) most closely…

As I mentioned in the last post, some buddies of mine got into SelfKey ICO, and made 3-5x gains over a weekend (insane but true)… I missed out b/c I made some newb mistakes, but live and learn…

Anyway, Alpha cryptos (ICOs) are an extremely exciting and HOT space to be in right now, and one that is definitely worth monitoring closely if you’re a speculator (gambler) who wants to try and generate some outsized returns in your portfolio with a minimal amount of capital… But seriously, cryptos aren’t for everyone, so please do your own research, due diligence, and assess your own tolerance for risk and volatility before jumping in (it’s the Wild Wild West, indeed).

I’ll also share my thoughts on the macro markets and the mining sector as a whole, since a bulk of my portfolio is still comprised of beta mining stocks.


Bottom line — I’m just a fan of opportunity and a totally agnostic investor. I am NOT “all in” on cryptos and abandoning the mining sector entirely… Further, I enjoy learning and I will admit it’s pretty cool to learn something new that I previously knew absolutely nothing about.


As always, I just want to pass on any insights, learnings, interesting stuff that I pick up along the way with you all.


Thanks for all your patience and ongoing support!




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When lambo? 🙂


How do I donate to you for the thank you editions if I don’t own much crypto? Can I donate in usd?

Also, is wanchain worth getting into after the ico if you missed the ico? Do I just need to sign up for a Binance account? Can I fund the Binance account with usd?

Heaps of questions I know.


Hi Jay,

I’m all over the cryptos as well having got into it about a month ago. Have done tones of reading so feel I know enough to get involved properly now having made the initial rookie mistake of just buying some bitcoin and some of the other big ones. Ico, alt coins are where the big gains are clearly going to be had, if you can pick out the right ones of course!

Have you looked into masternodes yet? Looks like it might be a decent way to earn some “dividends” style income.

I look forward to reading your thoughts on this stuff going forward! If you want to chat about any of it feel free to drop me some PM’s and I’ll send you anything I hear about decent your way as well.



Which ones look good to you so far the NEO gas is the only style im receiving

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