Thank You Edition #3 Released!

Thank You Edition #3 has just been released to subscribers this morning. If you have made donations to this blog and did not receive a copy (it’s usually caught in SPAM, if you can’t find it), please send me an email at: fifightervideo @ gmail

and let me know…

Learn more about the Thank You Edition newsletter, here.

As is often the case with what I do, my timing couldn’t have been much worse! Here I am learning the ropes on the ICO game, and cryptocurrencies are currently crashing and burning (there is excess FUD out there about upcoming government regulations/bans)…

Interesting times, indeed…

In any case, this is another mammoth post, over 8,600 words… So, yes, it took me a loooooooong time to write and put together (please excuse any typos and spelling/grammar mistakes)… not to mention the amount of research and learning that I had to go through since cryptos are still very much brand new to me…

It was fun, though, and just like with every other asset class before it, I feel like I’ll have to put in a couple thousand hours of concentrated effort before I even have a basic, rudimentary grasp of the subject…

Always learning… and improving (hopefully)!

Whether we actually ever apply any of the information/knoweldge, is a whole nother story…

I’m just gonna try my best to stay open-minded, and if I see opportunity (I don’t care in which asset class, I’m an agnostic investor), I’ll look to make a move and strike while the iron is hot…

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy this latest newsletter, and thank you again to everyone who is making generous contributions and supporting my work and this blog…

I grinded all weekend to put the finishing touches on this issue, and I feel really sleep deprived right now, so I’m gonna head off to bed…


Early FI is what it’s all about!


Fight On!


Best Wishes and Dream Massive,



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Where can I donate to become subscriber ? Is there a minimum amount ?


Thank you Jay! I really appreciate your hard work and enjoyed (and learned) reading your post. I am new to crypto as well and this post helped me clear lots of doubts on opening personal wallets for ICO participation. Thanks so much!!!

Prathamesh Joshi
Prathamesh Joshi

Have sent the donation. Please let me know the next steps to access your posts.