Thank You Edition #3 Released!

Thank You Edition #3 has just been released to subscribers this morning. If you have made donations to this blog and did not receive a copy (it’s usually caught in SPAM, if you can’t find it), please send me an email at: fifightervideo @ gmail

and let me know…

Learn more about the Thank You Edition newsletter, here.

As is often the case with what I do, my timing couldn’t have been much worse! Here I am learning the ropes on the ICO game, and cryptocurrencies are currently crashing and burning (there is excess FUD out there about upcoming government regulations/bans)…

Interesting times, indeed…

In any case, this is another mammoth post, over 8,600 words… So, yes, it took me a loooooooong time to write and put together (please excuse any typos and spelling/grammar mistakes)… not to mention the amount of research and learning that I had to go through since cryptos are still very much brand new to me…

It was fun, though, and just like with every other asset class before it, I feel like I’ll have to put in a couple thousand hours of concentrated effort before I even have a basic, rudimentary grasp of the subject…

Always learning… and improving (hopefully)!

Whether we actually ever apply any of the information/knoweldge, is a whole nother story…

I’m just gonna try my best to stay open-minded, and if I see opportunity (I don’t care in which asset class, I’m an agnostic investor), I’ll look to make a move and strike while the iron is hot…

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy this latest newsletter, and thank you again to everyone who is making generous contributions and supporting my work and this blog…

I grinded all weekend to put the finishing touches on this issue, and I feel really sleep deprived right now, so I’m gonna head off to bed…


Early FI is what it’s all about!


Fight On!


Best Wishes and Dream Massive,



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2 years ago

Where can I donate to become subscriber ? Is there a minimum amount ?

2 years ago
Reply to  FI Fighter

Sent can’t wait to read up !

2 years ago

Thank you Jay! I really appreciate your hard work and enjoyed (and learned) reading your post. I am new to crypto as well and this post helped me clear lots of doubts on opening personal wallets for ICO participation. Thanks so much!!!

Prathamesh Joshi
Prathamesh Joshi
2 years ago

Have sent the donation. Please let me know the next steps to access your posts.